X Spark

Creating your first impressions 

X Spark creates brands, responsive 

website, highly evoloved apps, internet connectivity (even in isolated 

areas)  and brand stratagies to match Details


For the love of quality

Graphic Design 

A picture is worth a thousand words.. At X Spark we ensure that is it the right words! Our amazing work begins with awesome designs; we are passionate about design and about giving meaning to your brand.

Our graphic design work includes: logo design, corporate identity development and design, invitations, posters, brochures, billboards etc.

Web Design 

The world has gone digital and so should your brand. At X Spark we design beautiful, awesome websites that stand above the rest. We don't do average, we do awesome. We understand technical mumbo-jumbo and we are great at what we do. To stand out from the crowd, to be noticed amongst the clutter and to actually be found on Google take some serious planning, decent design and proper search engine optimisation. Our websites are more than just digital brochures, we pay attention to detail and we know what works.

Brand Strategy

This is the process where our creatives' sit, understand, debate and develop a brand strategy around a brief. If your product/brand were a person, we would give it a personality, package it and develop character in order to establish what specific group of people to target. All this done in order to ensure that the brand we put out there has a competitive advantage at different spectrums. 


Profiling involves telling your story to your market in a manner that can best represent you. At X Spark we are passionate about creating first impressions, we assist small businesses, individuals and large corporations to profile themselves in a way that will yield positive results.

App Design & Development 

If you don't do Apps, we will be left behind, come and lets help create your dream app so you can share with the world...

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We can helpm you develope your app from ideas stage to a commerciallity viable stage


Staying connected is imparritive now a days. We have solutions from network, VOip, Internet and e-mail. 

VOip & I.P phone set-up and configuration

Affordable Internet connectivity

MiFi Solutions

ISP: Fixed lines to VSAT: isolated connectivity solutions